Business Development

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Business Development

Membertou is always interested in business opportunities that enhance community members' involvement and participation in the local, national and international business sectors.

Potential Partners in Business
The Corporate Division forms the foundation for economic development efforts in Membertou. With a commitment to meeting the opportunities and challenges of a globalized world, it was instrumental in instilling a corporate mindset for Membertou through its attainment of ISO 9000: 2001 certification. This move was fundamental to achieving Membertou's goal of successful engagement of the corporate world though strategic joint venturing initiatives.

Potential business partners are reminded that Membertou emphasizes wealth creation over job creation in its business development efforts to ensure that those jobs that are created are sustainable over the long term.  Sustainability, conservation, innovation and success are Membertou's pillars for achievement. Membertou is interested in businesses that incorporate these fundamentals into their daily business practices.

What We Look for in a Business Partnership
"The Membertou Corporate Division is committed to creating and enhancing business relationships between the Membertou First Nation and the Canadian and international business community. The corporate strategy is built on the foundations of integrity and fairness, and a dedication to maximizing financial benefits for its partners and the Membertou Community."

A major tool of Membertou's development process is the joint venture that can maximize required capital investment and expertise thereby increasing the velocity of business development. Membertou prides itself in managing the business development process to a successful conclusion.


Membertou’s Business Development Committee

Terrance Paul, Chief & CEO
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Jennifer Deleskie, VP of Business Development & Public Affairs
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Jamie Doyle, Director of Information Technology (IT)
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